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LGBTQ* History You Should Know

Paragraph 175 & Pink Triangle History

PARAGRAPH 175 — German Criminal Code

May 1871 - March 1994. From 1871 - 1994, over 130,000 men were held/charged with violation of Paragraph 175. For 123 years, this code criminalized homosexual acts between two men in Germany. It was with this law that homosexuals were persecuted during WWII in concentration camps.

PINK TRIANGLE — Color & shape given to gay/bisexual men in the concentration camps

Want to know more?

A Survivor’s Story — Read Here

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Pink Triangle History — Read Here

(Upsetting) Post-Camp History — Read Here

Pink Triangle Memorial — Read Here 

Theatre/Play about Pink Triangles: Bent — Read Here

Graphic Novel, including a Hitler Youth Homosexual Relationship — Read Here

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One of the saddest love stories EVER.



Felice Schragenheim & Lilly Wust

[image description: a series of three black-and-white photos of two people, presumably Aimee and Jaguar. In the first they are wearing old-fashioned one piece bathing suits, one with her arm around the other, and both smiling and looking into each other’s eyes. The next two have them in the same outfits, but they are kissing, one with her arms around the other. End description.]

They fell in love at the worst possible time: World War Two. Lilly was a 29 year old German, and a married mother of four boys. Felice was a 20 year old Jewish Resistance fighter & had so far managed to evade the Nazis. They had two happy years together before the Nazis finally caught up with Felice & had her arrested. She died aged 22 on 31 December 1944 whilst on a march from Gross-Rosen camp to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Lilly never forgot her & went on loving her until her own death in 2006.

Their love was dramatised in the 1999 movie Aimee & Jaguar.

[image description: a screencap from the movie Aimee and Jaguar. Two people, presumably Aimee and Jaguar, are lying down together. The blonde woman is behind the dark-haired woman with her head on the other’s shoulder. The blonde woman is looking at the dark-haired woman, who is staring ahead. End description.]


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